I can attest to how important Custom Escalators Suppliers

I can attest to how important Custom Escalators Suppliers



I can attest to how important Custom Escalators Suppliers and lasting praise can be when following this principle. I was 19 or 20 living on the North side of Chicago and often visited my Great Grandmother at her Oak Brook Terrace home. She would always introduce me to whatever friends happened to be in the elevator or building as we passed, boasting how proud she was of me. She'd tell anyone who would listen (and a few who didn't) how impressed she was with my living on my own and that I'd drive anywhere in any kind of weather. She often told me that many of her friends wouldn't drive past Cass Avenue but she'd tell them how her Great Granddaughter drove all over. It was a small thing, and I was 19 and didn't have the sense not to drive in sleet or torrential downpours, but it always stuck with me. So much so that when I'm feeling a little apprehensive driving during inclement weather, I remember my Great Grandma's words and am encouraged to keep going.

Leave a lasting impression

It's not so much about the words, but the way in which they make the recipient feel. They may not always remember verbatim what was said or written, but they WILL remember the feelings they experienced, I still remember feeling special and loved by the note my Dad wrote me before I attended my first Prom (titled "As You Are Promed" - - you have to know my Dad's sense of humor!). I don't remember exactly all the words he wrote (though I have it tucked away in a scrapbook and could look it up), but I do remember the feelings felt. What feelings and lasting impressions do your words leave?

These are the 3 principles I'm learning, and would love to hear any additional ones you know. Please e-mail me with your ideas. I may even share them in my next e-zine.

"Going up?!"

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